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Stray Voltage


The term stray voltage refers to the existence of current and voltage in places it isn't intended to be.  Often times it is in places exposed to the public and can pose substantial hazards.  The causes of stray voltage can vary quite a bit;  and be quite a long distance away.  Stray voltage can be caused by problematic equipment, connections, or grounding within a building.  The cause can be in an adjacent building or one that's 3 blocks away.  It can also be a problem on the utility grid.  On the utility's distribution system, the problem can be caused by bad neutral connections, damaged underground conductors, broken hardware, damaged capacitors, and more.  These locations of damage can often be miles away from where the stray voltage is detected.  This takes a detailed methodical approach to locate and isolate. 

Stray voltage can be one of the most aggravating and dangerous power quality problems on any system.  It can also be one of the most time consuming problems to find.  The causes can vary greatly and often be very elusive to find.  Meanwhile, you are exposed to liability and hazards. 

Let us step in and expedite the process for you.  We employ proven techniques and tools to eliminate the dangers of stray voltage.

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